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What is an Access Control System?

  • Access Control (AC) is a selective restriction system to access a place or a resource using a management procedure based on authorization layers.

Regardless of which option you choose, the Access Control System allows you to give credentials and access to certain employees in certain areas, based on unique credentials for each person.

  • The Access Control works around the clock so you will have protection and intimacy 24×7.

All of your systems, and data, are backed up while also adhering to the Government’s most strict data protection policies.

In addition, the design of you property or business office is taken into account so that the readers perfectly integrate and you can display your business logo on the screens.

  • We know that the biggest difference is in the smallest of details and we are committed to deliver the best services by taking into account all the variables, based on each of our client’s needs.

Basic Components

Access Control Systems vary based on type and complexity, but the majority of them are based on three basic components:user, administrator and infrastructure.

  • User Facing
    • Access card, card reader and access control keypad.
  • Admin Facing
    • Management Dashboard
  • Infrastructure
    • Electric door lock hardware, access control panels, and access control servers.

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The basic components above are necessary with both, on-location hosting of access control system software and the below options.

Phone App Based System

  • The Phone App Based Access Control System gives the user the ability to use a Smartphone or a Smart watch to gain access to certain areas.
  • The app is supported by both IOS and android systems and is user friendly.
  • We generate one unique credential code per user so that the tracking of who is accessing which area can be done easily and without error.
  • Gaining entry in a particular area of your business establishment or home is monitored and recorded by the system 24X7 so that you have the possibility to go back and check all the records.
  • The app is user friendly and does not require extended storage space on your employees or family members’ devices.

Cloud Based Systems

  • When choosing the Cloud Based Systems for your Access Control you gain the ability to check your system anytime, from anywhere, as long as the devices you use and all synced to the same cloud.
  • Both residential and commercial clients prefer the remote accessibility, as it is not tied to their actual location and gives them the possibility to monitor entries and give access to certain people based on immediate needs.

IoT Based Systems

  • This option allows you to connect all door readers to the Internet which allows for updates, either for security reasons or to add new functionality.

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Choosing the Best Option for You, is the Key

When it comes to choosing the best option control system for you business or home, there are several factors involved. These factors include, but are not limited to the nature of your business, the lever of restrictions, privacy and accessibility and the number of people who will have access to certain areas. There are several options for access control that we will discuss bellow, and you may choose whichever fits your company’s needs best.

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Discretionary Access Control gives the business owner the ability and responsibility to decide who is allowed in a particular area or location, physically or digitally. This is the least restrictive type as it gives one person complete control of everything related to the system, including the programs associated with each zone or access rules.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

Mandatory Access Control is the most popular and utilized control system, as it requires an elevated focus on confidentiality and data classification. This type of access control is more suitable for military institutions where security clearance is needed for each individual and there are levels of access controls.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

This type of access control is also know as Rule-Based Access Control, it is the most demanded among control type systems, by both residential and commercial users. The system administrator assigns the access and control codes based on each individual’s role within the household or the organization.

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“To better protect your business assets.”

Why Choosing an Access Control System software is important?

Apart of the above-mentioned reasons, there are several benefits of using this technology for the security of your workplace and home.

Government Guidelines Compliance

  • This aspect does not apply to homeowners but strictly refers to special institutions that deal with personal information and classified data on a daily basis.
  • From hospitals to small offices and insurance providers, everyone in the healthcare industry everyone is facing mandatory compliance with HIPAA health data regulation.
  • The financial sector, from banks to insurance providers and all businesses that accept and process credit card payments need to comply with the PCI credit card data regulations.
  • Data centers and all companies working within the cyber security spectrum need to meet the SOC2 cyber security standards.
  • The access control systems and software is one of the best options to be in compliance with personal information and classified data protection.
  • Companies that work with privileged date and intellectual property such as IT companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups, need to monitor not only who has access to the information they store, but also who is allowed in which area of their facilities.

Modern Technology Smart Systems

  • Access control System is one of the best ways for anyone to protect and secure the access to their homes or business.
  • It offers the users piece of mind and reliability, besides the stored information that can be accessed at any moment, in case is needed.
  • The protection is not limited to your space, it also included your classified data, and can be tailored based on the needs of each client, home or company.
  • As discussed above, there are several types of access control, and choosing the one that best fits your needs is the key to smooth operations within your business.

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Define your system requirements

  • residential or commercial type
  • how many users
  • restricted environment
  • access level
  • classified procedures
  • clearance data
  • owner and administrator privileges
  • app or cloud data

Identify most important factors

  • Safety and privacy are two of the most important aspects of your life, both personal and professional.
  • With Access Control Systems you will have peace of mind at home and at your office, and so will your family and employees.
  • If you are conducting important operations and have classified data, the system is one of the best options in protecting you from intruders and data breach, and will eliminate the chances of employees who do not have clearance to venture in certain areas of your establishment.

We are here to help!

Relying on your residence or business needs, our devoted engineers can recommend standalone access control systems or online access control systems.

  • The standalone system can be used to control one or more doors, using a numeric code, a smart card or even your fingerprints.
    • To ensure that these devices do not need a specialist to be near them all the time, their software was developed as an easy to use one.
  • An online access control system offers the possibility of controlling one or more entrances at the time, providing access via a network.
    • Combined with a surveillance system, one single person can supervise in the same time both intense traffic and forbidden access areas.

Safety & Confidentiality First!

VIP Security Solutions Inc urges you to put on the map the safety of your family and the confidentiality of your business information.

This is why we highly recommend installing access control systems at your residence or company building, using our professional services.

Our dedicated teams will:

  • Offer free consultancy and free estimates, to help you decide on what you need;
  • Design a network for an access control system if needed;
  • Install the needed system;
  • Custom programming for the device;
  • Offer a maintenance plan.

For more information on how you can benefit from our services, contact VIP Security Solutions Inc today and get your free estimate.

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Ongoing Critical Protection

Your safety and your intimacy are very important! Securing the area in which access is limited only to certain members of your staff is critical.

Your business information are confidential, this is why an access control system can become an integrate part of your business, regardless of how small or big it is.

These smart devices allow you to control who has access to a specific zone of your building.

Access control systems are available in different sizes and shapes, from which you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Be one step ahead. Be Proactive!

As technology evolves, privacy, and implicitly personal assets, became more and more valuable and even complex locks are not suitable anymore to guard from various ways of breaking in. Over time, keys became easier to copy and loosing them could turn into major security risks. Imagine that only a few years back, thieves or burglars were able to open a door using only a hairpin or a credit card. This inconvenience was at its peak, as the burglars were not only stealing everything they could grab, but they were also having easy access to classified information.

Smart & Modern Locking Devices

Using an access control system, you will not have to deal with locks anymore. As a modern technology, this device secures your residence or your office building, providing access only to authorized personnel and limits the areas of access. Controlled by a door card system, a smart card system or accessing it using fingerprints, your home or your office entrance can become a valuable keeper of your fortunes.