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Does size of home change the pricing?

Yes, it does. The price is $.10/square foot for homes over 1500 square feet.

Does the home have to be cleaned prior to arrival of photographer?

It’s required that the home shows its best.  The photographer will not move furniture or clean any area or photo-shop toys, bathroom toiletries, etc. from photos.

Is the Real Estate Agent required to be present for the photo-shoot?

The real estate agent or homeowner are not required to be at the location.  As long as I get the lock box code or any access to the home, we should be fine.

How long does it take to photograph the property?

It depends on the size of the home, but the larger the property, the longer it takes.  Also, if the property is ready (ie. lights on, ceiling fans off, doors closed), then it goes by much faster than if the photographer has to set it up.

Can the photographer post the photos directly to the MLS?

The photos will be directly delivered to the agent, and the agent can post to the MLS.

How much notice is needed to schedule a photo-shoot?

Generally, a minimum of 4-5 days is required.  Last minute appointments are also available, but the exact time wanted cannot be guaranteed.

Do you cover only Chicago?

I photograph anywhere in the Chicagoland area at no extra charge.  All of Chicago’s suburbs are covered.

Is there an extra charge for rescheduling?

There is no extra charge if the weather is bad. Also, no extra charge if a minimum of 48 hours is given.

Who owns the copyrights?

The photographer retains full copyrights as this is standard practice.  The buyer purchases a single use, non-transferable, non-exclusive image license. For real estate agents that image license is good for the duration of your listing and expires once the listing is sold, canceled or reassigned to another agent.

What's the turnaround for the photos?

For photos, the turnaround is 24 hours.  For virtual tours is 72 hours.