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Factories and all industrial zones can be beautifully shown with the right real estate photograph and 360 virtual tours!


WHAT-do you get?

  • Up to 10-360 photos up to 1500 sq ft
  • 360 high resolution photos
  • fully edited for light and color
  • 10-30 photos for properties over 1500 sq ft

WHEN-do you get them?

  • 48 hrs turnaround for properties up to 1500 sq ft
  • 72 hours turnaround for properties over 1500 sq ft
  • Same day (8 hours) delivery for condos
  • Same day (8 hours) delivery for town-homes

HOW-do you get them?

  • All photos delivered on Google share
  • Click on download all
  • Photos delivered on Dropbox by request
  • Click download button for .zip files


Hire a Google Trusted Photographer to boost your visibility!


Advertising an industrial space can be tricky, especially when there is a wide area that needs to be properly represented in order for prospective clients to have a realistic idea about the space. Our professional https://www.360viewchicago.com team can help you capture and highlight your space, so you can advertise it in a more professional manner that will make you stand out in front of your competition, and help you find the perfect clients easier and faster.

What are the benefits of virtual tours for industrial real estate?

Enhancing clients’ possibilities to view as much of the property as they could online, before checking it out in person will not only save them time, but it will give you the ability to work only with people that are really interested in that particular property so that means saving your time too.
A complete virtual tour of your industrial real estate property will give them the possibility to figure out the placement of the main building, the size of the parking lot, the offices area and all the amenities included with the space.
A virtual tour for industrial space will save time and will offer real perspective on your industrial space and a complete idea of what your prospective clients can expect when booking a viewing.

Are all industrial spaces fit for industrial real estate virtual tours?

There is no industrial space that is not fit for industrial real estate virtual tours. No matter the size of it, our team of experienced photographers will make sure to capture the entire space, interior and exterior, from every angle, so that when your prospective clients look at the virtual tour, they will have a clear image of how the space looks like, where it is situated, the size and the way it can be utilized. By trusting us with your industrial real estate virtual tour, you can be 100 percent sure that clients who decide to contact you and book a viewing of the industrial real estate you are advertising, know exactly that the place they are about to see it is exactly what they need.
Regardless of the type of industrial real estate you are interested in advertising, from warehouses, manufacturing, freight or any other, our professional staff will know exactly what images to capture in order to highlight the versatility of the space in question.

What does an industrial virtual tour imply?

The beauty of an industrial virtual tour is that it includes still photography, 360 degrees photography, panoramas and video. Combining all of them will not only give your clients a better understanding of the industrial real estate space they are looking at, but will also help you by highlighting the main characteristics of your space that make it a better choice than any other.
When it comes to still photography, we can either go with the standard versions, or we can turn to Photoshop and enhance them, remove unwanted objects, make color corrections or light corrections, without changing the natural look of the images. In creating your industrial real estate virtual tour, we will use smooth transition effects and alternate photography with video, in order to depict your industrial space in the best manner there is.
Our 360 panoramas incorporate a full 180° vertical viewing angle as well as 360° around, and can be either Google or custom. Google panoramas need to be shot in a sequential order, and come with certain restrictions imposed by Google, but can help you promote your business at a wider scale. Custom panoramas have no technical restrictions, so the possibilities are limitless.

Why should I use your industrial virtual tour services?

Using https://www.360viewchicago.com will not only guarantee you the best industrial real estate virtual tour, but will also save you precious time and money, while delivering exceptional results for all parties involved. Choose https://www.360viewchicago.com for industrial real estate virtual tours and give us the opportunity to show the world the heart and soul of the space through professional virtual tour and 360 imagery to enhance clients’ experience and make it as personal as it can get, for the benefit of all involved.

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